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The Devil’s Own Deviled Eggs

“A spicy twist on a traditional classic. Habanero and jalapeno peppers give it a nice slow burn that will delight […]

Half Time Hoisin Chicken Wings

“These are wonderfully delicious, spicy, sweet, salty, sticky Asian-style chicken wings. The garlic and ginger-spiced hoisin and teriyaki sauces, combined […]

Salt and Garlic Bagel Chips

“Don’t know what to do with those stale bagels? Make them into crispy, salty snacks! These bagel chips are heavy […]

Cheese Ball III

“This cheese ball is one our family has had and used for 20 years. We love it. It’s simple, and […]

Sweet and Sour Meatballs IV

“These flavor packed meatballs are easy to make, and sure to be a hit with your family! Serve them over […]

Potato Pizza

“Potato pizza like the ones served at one of my favorite restaurants a few years ago. Mashed potatoes and cheese […]

Crab ‘N Shrimp Dip

“I always have this for a filler with company around the holidays, fun to serve with holiday shaped crackers that […]

Three Chile Dry Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

“A wonderful vegan Three Chile Tomatillo Salsa. The tomatillos and chiles are dry roasted (slightly blackened) in an iron skillet […]

Habanero Salsa

“This is a variation of regular fresh salsa with the addition of a habanero pepper. This salsa is not for […]

Grilled Spiced Chicken with Caribbean Citrus-Mango Sauce

“A taste of the islands! The spices and sweet-tart sauce are a wonderful combination, and just the way to start […]© Tasty Recipes