Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

“This sandwich is a spicy sandwich rendition of Buffalo wings, taking flight right into your lunches as yummy sandwiches! Use […]

Asparagus Chicken

“Chicken breasts marinated in white wine and herbs, then grilled and served with steamed asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Had it […]

Green Bean Cheddar Chicken

“This is an easy to prepare, make-ahead-if-you-wish dish. All you need for accompaniment is mashed or baked potatoes, or rice. […]

Easy Chicken Gyro

“Greek-inspired Mediterranean chicken gyro.”

Basic Broiled Chicken Breasts

“This is a simple but delicious way to prepare chicken. Good-quality olive oil and generous amounts of salt and pepper […]

Dan’s Favorite Chicken Sandwich

“BBQ sauce and bacon are the secrets to the wonderful flavor of the chicken in this sandwich. Add avocado and […]

Tangy Chicken Breasts

“The chicken is marinated for six hours, and then broiled. Serve with wild rice or noodles.”

Marinated Ranch Broiled Chicken

“A great dinner for two! Chicken breasts marinated in oil, vinegar and Ranch-style dressing, then broiled to a beguiling finish. […]

Alice Chicken

“Marinated chicken breasts broiled with bacon and cheese, then served with sauteed mushrooms and honey mustard dressing. Fantastic way to […]© Tasty Recipes