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Slayer’s Sweet, Tangy, and Spicy Kabobs

“I acquired both my nickname and the idea for this recipe while working at an awful franchised restaurant in my […]

Chicken Wings

“Breaded, mustardy wings. Easy to make, even easier to eat!”

Chicken on a Stick

“Easy recipe for marinated chicken breast cooked on skewers on the grill. These are so simple, and your family will […]

San Diego Grilled Chicken

“This is a Southern California version of sweet and sour chicken, marinated and grilled with a little extra spice. Great […]

Chicken and Potato Parcels

“Very simple: just mix, fold, cook and eat!”

Troy’s Slow Cooker Chicken

“This is a delicious chicken recipe that my mother used to make. It takes just minutes to prep, and cooks […]

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

“This chicken dish is easy to prepare, has a ton of flavor, and goes very well over pasta.”

Garden Chicken Stir Fry

“Garden vegetables sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and then tossed together with stir fried chicken breasts and whole pecans. […]

Grilled Tarragon Mustard Chicken

“If you’re looking to grill some chicken but are tired of the traditional grilling sauces, try this. It’s flavorful and […]

Spaghettini Chicken

“This is a copy-cat recipe I created from a restaurant in the Bay Area. It’s a soupy sauce, not a […]© Tasty Recipes