Nut Desserts

Pistachio Cake IV

“This easy pistachio Bundt cake is baked with a layer of chocolate batter over a pistachio batter. Swirl it in […]

Microwave Peanut Brittle

“This recipe was given to me by a friend quite a few years ago.”

Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake

“For me, the best part about coffee cake is the crispy, crunchy, buttery crumbs. So here I significantly upped the […]

Pecan Butter Balls

“These are melt in your mouth goodies.”

Almond Cream-Puff Ring

“This recipe is so easy to make, but your guests will think you spent all day in the kitchen! Delicious! […]

Walnut Balls

“This is an old, old recipe that has been in the family for years. The origin is unknown. Recipe uses […]

Walnut Maple Fudge

“Sugar and evaporated milk are boiled then combined with mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips, walnuts and maple flavoring in this […]

Almond Puff

“This prestigious bar makes a heavenly dessert. There’s always room for one more of these fluffy treats.”

Pecan Pie Cookies

“Wonderful mini pecan pies. Perfect for cookie parties where you want to make something slightly different. You can spice up […]

Coconut Almond Cookies

“My mother-in-law passed this recipe along to me several years ago and I have been making it regularly. Absolutely delicious!”© Tasty Recipes