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French Toast I

“There are many, fancy variations on this basic recipe. This recipe works with many types of bread – white, whole […]

Fluffy French Toast

“This French toast recipe is different because it uses flour. I have given it to some friends and they’ve all […]

Chocolate-Chile Truffles

Chocolate-chile truffles is a delicious chocolate dessert. Just a smidge of chipotle powder is all you need to add tingling […]


Layered yogurt parfait is a quick and tasty drink. Parfait usually refers to an ice-cream concoction layered in a fancy […]


Pesto-stuffed chicken rolls is a great meal for dinner guests, it is full of flavor, it looks amazing and you […]

Vegetable Salad

Vegetable salad made of “noodle” vegetables is very easy to cook and will surprise all your guests who try your new recipe.

Best Green Salad with Avocado and Pine Nuts

Try this best green salad recipe, avocado and pine nuts make it a very special summer dish.

Baked Apricots and Cherries with Ricotta

One of most delicious summer gifts is fruits and berries, which are plentiful in the markets and gardens.Try baked apricots recipe, cherries with ricotta make the combination of ingredients fabulous.

Chocolate Soup Recipe

Chocolate soup recipe is simply wonderful and easy to cook. The combination of hot chocolate and berries is so tasty.© Tasty Recipes