Slayer’s Sweet, Tangy, and Spicy Kabobs

“I acquired both my nickname and the idea for this recipe while working at an awful franchised restaurant in my […]

Quinoa with Carrots and Raisins

“A sweet and spicy quinoa dish that’s perfect for fall. Works well as either a main or side dish.”

Chicken Wings

“Breaded, mustardy wings. Easy to make, even easier to eat!”

Grilled Portobellos Sauteed in Wine

“This recipe is a great addition to beef roast or a grilled steak. It is easy, quick, and can be […]

Tiramisu I

“This is my favorite dessert and will be the favorite of anyone who tries it, I am sure! You may […]

Cherry Ice Cream

“Delicious cherry ice cream! It’s a fabulous, dark shade of magenta and has a tart flavor that kids (and adults) […]

San Diego Grilled Chicken

“This is a Southern California version of sweet and sour chicken, marinated and grilled with a little extra spice. Great […]

Easy Drop Cookies

“My mother made these all year round, she would just change the color of sugar in which they were dipped. […]

Amy’s Mexican Soup

“This recipe I made up after craving soup and rummaging through my cupboards. Very simple and tastes even better the […]

Best Chicken Salad Ever II

“My favorite chicken salad of all times. This is one you must try if you are a fan of chicken […]© Tasty Recipes